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What Is Self-Imaging Therapy (SIT)



Self-Imaging Therapy™ (SIT) is a fresh, effective, and life-changing approach to psychotherapy that Nicola pioneered to help you overcome whatever you’re struggling with: stress, anxiety, fear, trauma, depression, emotional eating, past hurts, etc. SIT is a transformative inner process—very much like an active, therapeutic meditation. It achieves maximum results quickly and deeply, because it changes you from the inside out and gives you the tools to heal. It gets to the root of the problem and you experience fast and long lasting change in every session.


This approach:

  • Liberates you from blocks and transforms you in every session.
  • Transforms the root problem so you experience fast and long lasting change.
  • Changes the mindsets that hold you back.
  • Provides you with the skills to create calm, joy, and fulfilment in your life.
  • Rejuvenates and restores you to wholeness.

SIT works because self-images are a powerful tool for creating self-awareness, healing, and change. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between a real experience and an imagined one. If you vividly imagine yourself eating a juicy fruit (e.g. mango or peach), you will salivate in the same way as you would if you were actually eating it. In the same way, your mind will register and encode transformations that you experience through the SIT process as “real”. Your mind and heart claim the strength, confidence, calm, and personal power you always wanted.

Nicola expertly guides you throughout the process. Yes, it’s really true: you do have the power to change your life for the better.

Nicola’s words:

In the many years that I’ve been practicing SIT, I’ve watched countless people transform their lives, starting from their very first session. I’ve seen people change from anxious to calm, scared to powerful, depressed to motivated, overweight to trim. My clients report more personal control, power, and peace. They learn to be kind and loving to themselves.

I look forward to connecting with you.


Nicola Bird