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Out on the Limb Online Series

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Last week as I was enmeshed in my new ventures in life, I started thinking about the risks I was taking and self-doubt crept in. This is something you are likely most familiar with as fear is so much part of the human condition. And what goes along with taking a risk and combining that with self-doubt–the what ifs…. What if this or that bad thing occurs…. Given the nature of the SIT work that I do, I quickly moved into intervention mode and worked through the self-doubt by using SIT techniques like self-support and emotional strength techniques to bring me to a calm confidence. Through the calm, I could hear my voice telling me the action that I needed to take to address issues with people involved in the situation that was causing stress. In that stronger place, the communication was clear, considerate and effective.

When we take risks in life–and to grow is to take risks, to step outside of our comfort zone–it can feel like taking a step without a safety net. I distinguish between reckless risks and calculated risks. The former is when we are pulled towards ventures based on immediacy and reactivity without enough thought, self-awareness, information or experience. Calculated risks, on the other hand, require some processing. After some reckless risking, we can get caught up in over-calculating so that it stops us short on our path and we do nothing, too afraid to try again. That is when self-doubt takes over. And that is when we need to heal the past perception of mistakes and focus on our confidence. If we are short on confidence, we need to spend time remembering at least one incident of success and focusing repetitively on that.

By doing changing self-doubting mindsets and emotions, I had an amazing dream that night: I dreamed that I entered a contest. Of course, the stacks were against me as I was competing against others. But I knew inside of me absolutely that I was going to win because I had it in me to do so. I woke up bright and cheerful, full of energy and vitality. Working to shift sabotaging mindsets and emotions does create change on the inside.  So it is really worth the effort to take care of our mind and emotions.

I offer you my on demand web series Out on the Limb with Dr. Nicola Bird. A new episode airs each Monday. Below are tips and tools from the series to provide you with more support in the journey to own more strength and empowerment and gain greater self-mastery and empowerment.

I am also co-hosting an on demand radio show with Mike Long called Journey into the Light that broadcasts every Monday at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. Guests can call in throughout the hour long show at 347-884-8245 . The show is archived, so you can listen to it anytime.

Out on the Limb with Dr. Nicola Bird

This week’s series  features psychotherapist Charlotte Cassidy, Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Personal Trainer Dr. Shelly Reitkop, and my Sound Bite for Success.

Here are some of the amazing tips they share with you so you too can empower your life:

  • Small changes can create large benefits over time with consistency.
  • You can empower yourself by focusing on positives.
  • You can apply simple tapping techniques to clear blocks and patterns.

Sound Bite for Success: Grounding

Is your mind too active? Can’t shut it down? Here’s a quick trick to ground you and help you create more calm and wellbeing. It’s a simple feet focused exercise that I do with everyone I work with. Over time with practice, you train your brain to quiet down in stressful times. It gets your attention out of your head, connects you to your body and stills your emotions. And the even better news: you can do it anywhere and anytime: driving in your car, washing dishes, watching tv, talking on the phone, walking …. anywhere.

  1. start by taking long slow breaths, breathing so that your belly expands like a balloon with your chest is flat. As you inhale, your belly expands, as you exhale, it deflates as you release all air.
  2. Now focus your attention in the soles of your feet. You can stretch and flex your feet to help you bring your focus down into your feet. Feel the ground your feet are planted on. Concentrate all of your awareness in your feet and keep deep breathing. Do this for at least 1 minute, up to 2 minutes. If your mind wanders, bring your focus and concentration back to your feet, away from your head. As you do this, pay attention to the feelings that arise – such as grounding or relaxation. This exercise helps you to still your mind. You can practice it anywhere, anytime and many times throughout the day.

I now invite you to be your own best friend and for the next segment, take a minute or two at least once a day to try this technique and see how you feel. You can build positives in your life by routinely practicing simple habits to empower yourself. Remember: you’re all you need to succeed. And if you want more insights into how you can lead the healthy, happy and successful life you deserve, sign up for email updates. And don’t forget to spread the joy and share this with your friends. As always, be good to YOU.

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