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One-On-One Sessions

sit-butterflySelf-Imaging Therapy (SIT) will transform your life. Perhaps you find that certain feelings (like inadequacy, fear, or anxiety) and thoughts (like, “I am not good enough”) hold you back and prevent you from moving forward. You may struggle with depression, past trauma, or PTSD. Maybe there are hurts and painful experiences that haunt you and that you can’t get past. You may be confused about your current circumstances and want to sort them out. Or you may want to understand yourself better and find more meaning in your life. It could also be that specific issues, such as work or relationships, are difficult and baffling, and you want to look at and sort them out. SIT goes to the core of your problems, heals wounds and traumas, transforms negatives into positives, and turns your life around for the better. It re-configures the emotions, mind, and body at the same time.

SIT is self-nurturing at its best. It helps you cultivate a relationship with yourself based on understanding, compassion, growth, and love. The therapy has a transcendent aspect to it because you develop the positive parts of yourself. SIT is also a technique that you learn with practice. So you acquire skills to use in your daily life that help you to maintain the benefits you gain from doing SIT.

SIT is deeply experiential. It is not simply an intellectual exercise but a transformative experience that allows you to change at your core level. This simple and accessible process that nearly everyone can do transforms you from the inside out. You will feel rejuvenated and empowered.

Nicola works with people everywhere throughout the world via virtual platforms. So you too can do SIT anywhere that you are located through virtual platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

SIT is a technique that you learn to do for yourself. You acquire skills to use in your life that help you to maintain the benefits you gain in the therapy. Nicola’s approach is holistic and treats mind, emotions, and body. The process is like watching a movie of yourself, where you are the audience and the actors at the same time. Transformation happens quickly and deeply and is long-lasting. You know that change for the better is possible. It is an awakening to all that is good and positive within you.

Nicola’s Words:

I have been practicing SIT for nearly 30 years. The process started with me using the principles of the approach to transform my life from inside out. I now share this method with others so that they too can know what it is to own their own power. SIT is deep-rooted work that gets to the core of the problem and changes you at the inner level. My work reflects not only my long-time experience practicing SIT but also my own personal success at overcoming my own challenges through the SIT process. I practice what I preach. It is a privilege to share this technique with others and enable them to totally transform their lives. People learn that they are the ones in charge of cultivating their strength through SIT techniques.