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Abolish Loneliness: Create a Strong Relationship with Yourself and Open to the World

Getting to know ourselves is an important part of living joyfully and opening up to connect with others in a rich and meaningful way. To do this we have to develop a relationship with ourselves and develop an enriched inner life. Yet, we spend so much of our lives focused externally that many don’t know what it is to really have an inner life—and it is NOT the voices in …Read More

Out on the Limb Online Series

Last week as I was enmeshed in my new ventures in life, I started thinking about the risks I was taking and self-doubt crept in. This is something you are likely most familiar with as fear is so much part of the human condition. And what goes along with taking a risk and combining that with self-doubt–the what ifs…. What if this or that bad thing occurs…. Given the nature of …Read More

Creating positive intentions

I recently got poisoned from eating fish (ciguatera). Not pleasant at all. It caused pains in my legs, arms, and joints. Just awful. When I put my feet up, the pain lessened. It caused me to want to stay still and do nothing. Moving equaled pain. But I understood from being physically active and working out that the more static I was, the more the pain would remain. So instead …Read More

Out on the Limb Network

Happy New Year! A few nights ago I dreamed that a large whale had emerged from the water and was on the streets. I saw it nudging my car, putting a dent in it. My first thought was : “What is that whale doing out of water and how is it able to survive in this habitat?” Then I noticed the dent in my car and became irate. “That whale …Read More

You can change your life by changing the story of yourself

I am thrilled to share some very exciting news with you. I am launching a new weekly web series called Out on the Limb with Dr. Nicola Bird! It  is a premier show that celebrates life and well being. With on demand programming dedicated to inspiring and empowering, you gain the tips and tools needed to live a happy, healthy, and successful life. I, along with my expert guests, cover topics that support …Read More