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Abolish Loneliness: Create a Strong Relationship with Yourself and Open to the World

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Getting to know ourselves is an important part of living joyfully and opening up to connect with others in a rich and meaningful way. To do this we have to develop a relationship with ourselves and develop an enriched inner life. Yet, we spend so much of our lives focused externally that many don’t know what it is to really have an inner life—and it is NOT the voices in our head chattering.

The irony is that despite the time we spend focused on the world around us, we are growing lonelier and more isolated than ever before. We have more material possessions, live faster paced lives, are plugged into social media, and are more isolated than ever. One-quarter of Canadians and 40 per cent of Americans identify themselves as being lonely. Loneliness is a scourge and has a negative impact health. It compromises the immune system, increases the stress hormones and impairs cardiovascular function. It is also linked to anxiety and depression.

Connections light up the reward centers of the brain, while rejection ignites the areas of the brain connected to physical pain. In my practice, I see that those who have unresolved feelings of hurt and damage as a result of painful past experiences express more loneliness, even if they are social and interactive. Being with others doesn’t cure loneliness. Feeling strong and secure within so that we can be open to connections is what allows us to overcome the bane of isolation. It gives us the inner security to bond.  We need to feel safe within ourselves to allow meaningful connections to form. Security is something that we need to develop within ourselves and take into the world with us and share with those around us.

Here are 3 tips to create a stronger relationship with yourself and the world:

  1. If you want to be happy with the people and things around you, you need to be happy yourself. Practice daily self-love by practicing positive self-reinforcement and self-encouragement. Text yourself encouraging texts as you would a friend. Write them to yourself and read them throughout the day.
  2. Self-confidence and belief in our dreams and goals is the resource for personal success and happiness. Finding that spark that makes us feel alive is based on thinking positively and igniting our spirit.  Practice positive thinking when you are waiting at a street light either in a car or standing. Take that moment to focus your mind on the positives that you see in yourself.
  3. Don’t let loneliness or isolation get the better of you. It invades your soul and sucks the life out of it. Taking care of you doesn’t mean isolating yourself. It means balancing inner and outer life. Find creative ways to make real connections: join a group, reach out to old friends, take the risk to make new friends…. Love yourself so you can open up to experiencing love with others. You need to be open to let connections in.

Out on the Limb Radio

I am thrilled to present my Out on the Limb Radio with Dr. Nicola Bird in partnership with Beauty + WellnessTV. The show is dedicated to inspiring and empowering. Viewers gain the tips and tools needed to live a happy, healthy, and successful life. Along with my expert guests, we cover topics that support and illuminate mind, heart, body, and soul. The show airs Monday to Friday at 5pm EST and is available on demand! http://outonthelimbnetwork.com/user/OOTLRadio/

Monday: Embrace More Uncertainty and Create More Intimacy with meditation coach Paula Muran, sufficiency-centered coach Adreanna Limbach and relationship expert Dr. Sky Blossoms.

Tuesday: Wealth Activation and Getting Our Play On with Anthropologist, Elizabeth McCullough, wealth activator Sarah-Jane Diamond, and queen of play, Katie Kozlowski

Wednesday: Healing Mind, Heart, Body and Soul with Tammy Lorraine Majchrzak, composer Elio Pagliarulo, and Change coach, Faith McCune

Thursday: Your Past May Never Leave You, but It Doesn’t Have To Lead You with psychotherapist Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, Soundhealing composer Jill Mattson, and life coach, Sierra L. Rainge

Friday: The Sacred Language of the Body with Mona Delfino, Dr. Jean Logan, and YouTube yoga star, Leslie Fightmaster

The Wellness Network

I have been asked about the Out on the Limb Web Series. It is on hold for a short time only because I am getting my Wellness Network (currently Out on the Limb Network) off the ground. Once that is completed, I will back with it in a new and exciting way. So stay tuned.

Wishing you an inspired week.

Nicola Bird


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