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Nicola as a Speaker


“I’ve noticed that the key elements that hold us all back are really pretty simple. I’ve developed ground-breaking techniques and programs that cut to the chase and provide solid solutions to recurring de-motivators, so you can plug into you and own your true brilliance”
– Nicola Bird.

The Megawatt Mindset: Plug Into YOU! …You’re All You Need To Succeed!

Unveil your true brilliance! Plug into the megawatt mindset for success. When you don’t get the results you want, it’s not your fault. I reveal the fact that you’re wired in ways that can make you fail. But buried inside every weakness is strength. Learn to tap into the unlimited source of inner power to ignite inspired action.

In this keynote you will:

  • Learn the 3 strategies that get rid of hidden self-defeating behaviour.
  • Discover and hold onto how strong you really are.  No matter what!
  • Realise how simple it is to make permanent changes.

“Staying motivated is always a challenge. Your session certainly provided our clients with the tools and strategies to stay motivated”
– Danny Brennan, Toronto Business Development Center.

Break Free Of The Box: Unleash Your Potential

Ready to soar beyond self-imposed limitations? When you grow accustomed to unproductive ways of thinking, your life closes in. Liberate yourself by using my freedom formula, the same one I used to get out of my box! The impossible becomes reality. This inner revolution reawakens your creativity and inspiration.

In this keynote you will:

  • Learn the strategies that liberate you from the excuses.
  • Access boundless productivity and break free of limitations.
  • Invite in the new instead of being afraid of the unknown.

“Dr. Nicola Bird presents a brilliant model for personal growth. This empowering approach is brilliant yet simple enough to use right away”
 – Cheryl Villaroel, MFA at Sears

Wired For Life: Reboot & Recharge

Caught in a boomerang of pressure? No time to take care of you? Free yourself from internal clutter. My customized action plan liberates you from emotional whirlpools and traps. Be prepared to be amazed at how easy it is to utilize this simple but effective formula sparking a more motivated and productive YOU.

In this keynote you will:

  • Adopt 3 strategies that will enrich and uplift you.
  • Attain a renewed relationship with yourself and others.
  • Become passionately engaged in every aspect of your life.

“Nicola Bird has mastered the art & science of supporting others in breaking through their negative self-images to enable them to live with joy and peace”
– Katia Millar, Founder – Positive Fabulous Women

“Nicola’s methodology really helped me to address the problem, and to move forward. This is one of the most useful programs I’ve come across”
– Janice Mawhinney, The Toronto Star

“Professional and engaging, Nicola’s presentation is an experience that participants will remember”
– Ronda Parkes, Director of Marketing, Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors

“Dr. Nicola Bird is more than just a motivational speaker. She is an inspiring educator, helping us understand how to be effective in our life”
– Nicole LeGault, President, A Sharp School of Music