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Happy New Year! A few nights ago I dreamed that a large whale had emerged from the water and was on the streets. I saw it nudging my car, putting a dent in it. My first thought was : “What is that whale doing out of water and how is it able to survive in this habitat?” Then I noticed the dent in my car and became irate. “That whale is destroying my vehicle. It needs to go. I need to get it away from my car.” I awoke and immediately understood that I was afraid of my own power. This tremendous creature–the whale–represented me. I see a whale as a powerful, immense creature. This powerful part of me was nudging me forward in the symbol of pushing the car, but I was threatened by the impact (the dents in the car). And I wanted to chase away the power, despite my awe at its ability to thrive in a new environment.

What a blessing to have this self-awareness. I immediately worked at shifting within myself. I changed the narrative from fear to empowerment by re-imagining the dream and seeing myself embrace and befriend the whale and own my power.

I know that we all have fears about owning our power. But as you embrace 2015, I encourage you to connect with the part of you that is powerful and nurture that part of you, because within all of us is an amazing being!

Out on the Limb with Dr. Nicola Bird

My new weekly web series called Out on the Limb with Dr. Nicola Bird features Certified Personal Trainer, Marlon Teekah  (www.trainwithmarlon.com) and my Sound Bite for Success.

Every Monday, I debut an exciting new show with electrifying guests. Tune in and watch the shows at Out on the Limb with Dr. Nicola Bird.

You can change your life by changing the story of yourself

Have you ever struggled to either incorporate exercise into your lifestyle or to sustain activity in your life? We all know how important exercise is for our health and that wellness is built on a balanced weight… so why then is obesity on the rise? How can we make exercise a lifestyle that we can maintain? Marlon Teekah, who incorporates both the mind and body into creating fitness to shed light on how we can not only get motivated but sustain an active lifestyle.

Here are some of the amazing tips she shares with you so you too can empower your life:

1) Find a meaningful reason why you need to exercise and stick with it for the long term. This could including having more energy, more confidence, to sleep better, to age well, to be able to play with their kids and playing their favorite sport- whatever the reason, it needs to be very, very important to you.

2) Once you have that long term goal, you need to put systems in your life to make sure that you stay motivated and accountable to start and continue to exercise.

3) Start small and NOW. Look for opportunities to start getting active now! Simple things such as walking more to and from work and stretching at your desk are simple ways to start to live more active immediately.

Sound Bite for Success: Breathing

Feel stressed? Busy? Worrying too much? I have a simple technique to reduce stress and increase relaxation that costs you nothing, that you can do anywhere and anytime and is already something that’s already part of every second of your life: breathing. We’ve all heard how important it is to breathe deeply but most of us don’t exactly know how it is done or put it into practice in our lives. So let’s start simple. Let’s learn belly breathing.

  1. Place your right hand on your abdomen below your belly button and your left hand on your chest. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose into your lungs, focusing your attention on where your right hand rests below your belly button. Your chest should not move, while your stomach expands like a balloon, pushing your right hand upward. Your left hand on your chest should not rise. If it does, imagine that your left hand is keeping your chest still. You are trying to open and expand only your belly or abdomen with your breath. Count to five as you do this.
  2. Pause for a second after the full inhalation, and then exhale fully through your nose. The exhalation should be a bit longer, so count to six as you let the air out of your body. If you feel tightness around your diaphragm, do not be concerned. This just means that your muscles are taut from improper breathing. They will loosen and relax as you practice.
  3. Make sure that your breathing—inhaling and exhaling—is smooth and flowing, rather than choppy. It should be one slow, long, and continual inhalation and exhalation. Do it through your nose only as a form of natural breathing. Focus on the feelings of relaxation that goes alongside it.

I now invite you to be your own best friend and for the next week, take a minute or two at least once a day to try this technique and see how you feel. You can build positives in your life by routinely practicing simple habits to empower yourself. Remember: you’re all you need to succeed. And if you want more insights into how you can lead the healthy, happy and successful life you deserve, check out Out on the Limb with Dr. Nicola Bird. And don’t forget to spread the joy and share this with your friends. As always, be good to YOU and to those around you.

With warmth,

Nicola Bird

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