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Self-Imaging Therapy (SIT) offers many benefits to help improve your life and sense of well being.

    • It helps you get in touch with, heal, and change patterns, thoughts, emotions, and experiences that disrupt your life.
    • The changes are made inside yourself at the core or root level. You build yourself from the inside out.
    • It is a technique that you learn to do for yourself, so you acquire skills to use in your life that help you maintain the benefits gained in the therapy.
    • You feel more connected and grounded. Self-images are special in that they reconnect you to a sense of personal wholeness.
    • You realize that there is an enormous wealth of creativity and resourcefulness inside of you.
    • Many people report a sense of liberation, transformation, optimism, self-awareness, control, overall healing, betterment, wholeness, harmony and upliftment.
    • SIT makes you know that you can change and that you can harness the ability to direct your feelings and thoughts rather than have them direct you.
    • The greater sense of self-awareness that you gain by doing SIT helps you to make better choices for yourself. It enables you to live more positively because it builds peace and self-value inside of yourself.
    • You become your own best friend and build a healthy relationship with yourself that is loving, supportive, and compassionate.